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#wakecreateINSPIRE Friday Featuring Ashley Derby, who is is the new franchise operator of a chain in Los Angeles, bringing the downtown area its first location. Read more about her journey in the industry here


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Positive Stories For Students Heading To College

Grown & Gone: Stories and tips to help students survive their first independent year of college is a great book of real world stories and tips shared by college students and one high school senior. The contributors of this book are very candid as they explain their troubles and triumphs during their undergraduate year.

Happy Student

Mercedes Allen, aka our Sadie Daily, a digital marketing consultant, and blogger gives highlights about her college experience and advice to assist others on the journey ahead. Find out more below:

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Grown & Gone Book


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Sadie Daily



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Campus Resell

Inspiring stories. Real-life tips for High School and College students. This should be a MUST read for high school students to give them the real facts about going to college from students just like them. As a college professor, I wish ALL my students read this book before they started college.

5 Ways To Get Over Failure

Failure, is almost impossible to avoid. As long as you are trying at this thing called life, you will get rejected, or denied at some point. Yet, having a positive perspective, will help you to see the benefits in failure. Embrace the challenges to come and fail quickly enough to move forward. Failing at something, prepares you for a bigger win, every loss, is really not a losing option, unless you give up.

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Below are a few ways to get over failure as it comes. I know for 2017, it has been a great year, but I can attest to being denied, but by not dwelling on the happenings, I was able to pull through, and find better opportunities. Deciding to wake up, and try again gives you hope, and a promise for better moments to come. Remember the failures add to your story, build your drive, and increases your faith.


  • Focus on the Good

Focusing on how to improve, rather than where you lack/come short, will help you make the necessary change to grow into a better version of yourself.


  • Mind over Matter 

How you think, will determine how your reality is. Change your thoughts of how bad that situation turned out, and remember it could always be worst. “If at first you don’t succeed, try again.” ITP_Failure_1024x1024

  • Listen and Learn to Discern

Listening to constructive criticism, and practicing will improve your performance. A person who knows everything, will only limit themselves because of the limited view of seeing things as they are. You are more likely to make the same mistakes repeatedly if you don’t recall the reasoning for the setbacks.


  • Motivate, Don’t Hate

Motivating yourself is one thing, however, doubting, and setting up unrealistic expectations, will cause you to pull your self down. Take value in being “you”, and own up to any failures, as a key part of life. There is no such thing as a perfect life, I mean, we wouldn’t appreciate a win, if we never lost at something.


  •  Let time Prevail, Don’t Dwell

At the end of the day no matter what happened in the past it is irrelevant, today is the present, and a new start. : )

Failure Is Not FINAL

Happy celebrating winning success woman at sunset or sunrise sta




As long as you live you are going to go through humps. P.S. You have already survived the worst days so far.


“Every adversity plants a seed of equal or greater opportunity.”

*******Above may be a few ways to get over failures, but feel free to share what you do & hashtag below! #wakecreateINSPIRE

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Need content, Or Blog? 

I use funnels everyday & you should too!

Creating Funnels 18595541_10155401326547853_2057468829072092481_o

I am a digital marketing consultant, and I help companies with developing creative marketing strategies, plans, and solutions to grow their businesses. I had the chance to talk to upcoming business owners recently about creating funnels at an awesome workshop presented by Boss Up Academy, and I will share a snippet with you all.


When I am not contracted out to share some of my know how/services in person or online, I am always researching #tech #trends to plug into or creating my own.

Today is special for #sadiedaily since I will be sharing some tips from my industry that has pushed my clients to get on another level. My partners at i3 Mega Marketing Group have helped me in getting some of this content together so feel free to check them out here —> i3 for more #info.


Let’s start with the inbound marketing approach to creating funnels. What is a funnel? 

A funnel is simply a process a visitor goes through when they first see your content online. This content may be a social media post, or blog. After they are led into seeing your products/services, they request more information, depending on their buyer’s level of interest they will reach out to become a customer/partner.

It is very key to have a funnel to track your success rates, and know where bottle necks are to improve your business outlook in the future.


After you attract people, having a great landing page, or website will lead to a conversion. Conversions equal sales, or contact information to build whatever campaign you are running. Again, everyone’s purpose for a funnel is different, just make sure you have one ; )….or contact #i3 @ info@i3megamarketinggroup.com.


Being active in your business is important. If it takes you days to respond to messages or calls, chances are you won’t have many customers. Nurture your interested leads by pouring into them. When people get ignored, just like in most relationships, they ultimately come to ruin, and end, because someone else is more attentive.

Don’t get dumped : ). —- Automate, Automate, Automate 


Always over deliver and under promise.




And because you must be really interested in knowing more tips, here is the mini-ebook my team at #i3 have put together for me to share, check it out here —>Create Funnels Now!

How Will We Share Content In The Future?

The Future of Content Sharing is NOW.

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As quick as you can snap a picture, load it, and hit send, is the rate of sharing experiences universally.

In order to share updates over 20 years ago, we used to have to use a beeper, then there was AOL.

Now we can share our food, our events, and anything going on, at real time access levels….LIVE! 

The power of technology allows us to connect with people from all over the world, and share experiences, while they are happening.

Do not wait for the moment, create it, and share it. Live in it! 

Wake Create Inspire Sadie Daily

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Daily Inspiration Corner

#wakecreateINSPIRE -My black-iranian sister Yara Shahidi ❤


This daily inspiration corner, was inspired by the beautiful Yara Shahidi. I love how she uses her platform to inspire and embrace multi-cultural differences.


My thoughts below:

-Media plays a powerful role in how minorities are displayed. With so many lives lost because a person appears to be more dangerous because of a skin tone, is probably the most obscured thing ever. Yet, think about the labels we place on people because they look different, what if the shoe was on the other foot. What if you were mistreated, and assumed to be up to no good, because you have a darker skin tone.

Let’s be the kings and queens we were born to be this week, and not let the media influence our behaviors and thoughts. You are more than what someone thinks you are.



<3. I read somewhere we are afraid of what we have never been exposed to. <<<<get out of comfort zones. & #live




Wake Create Inspire Sadie Daily

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If You Want To Be Great Do These 5 Things Now


I got to shine

1.Follow Your Passion


Sadie Daily Media

Find something you love doing and pursue it! The only way to do great work is to love the work you do. If you find yourself feeling down and out & miserable, set some goals. If you are not being fulfilled, find out what your interests are and take steps to follow what keeps you up at night. When you are working in your passion it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like purpose.

You only have one life to live, do not waste precious moments building something you do not want to live in.

Wear your confidence well. 

2.Be Grateful


Thank You

I believe that life is 85 % what you make it, always be aware of your attitude, simply changing your perspective, can & will change your life. When you cultivate a sense of gratitude you immediately boost your mental and physical health. A grateful mindset, makes life great because you are no longer finding things to complain about, which leads to stress. You are so thankful for the small things many people take for granted,ex. simple things such as being able to try again, enjoy the outdoors, and be above ground. Living with a grateful intention in mind attracts positive energy. Use the right words, because there is power in the way we talk about ourselves and others. Give back, and always say thank you, are good practice habits to be grateful.

The more positive your outlook, the more things come along that will add to your cup.

3.Keep Learning


Keep Learning

The key ingredient to being great is to never stop learning. Most people who get comfortable where they are remain average. Yet, if you want to be the best, you have to train, and think like you are capable of being the best. This means staying up to date on trends in your industry, studying your craft, and reading self-help (motivational books).  A client of mine told me it is better to be a learn it all, than a know it all. That statement is so true. Allowing yourself to learn something new, keeps your mind fresh, and focused. Be wise my friends. No matter how old you get, or how many degrees you have, try learning something new.

Just like plants need water, our brains thirst for knowledge.

4.Take Ownership


Take Ownership Kanye

Own up to your mistakes. If you created a problem, don’t point fingers to blame others. As life matures us, we begin to no longer blame others for our shortcomings, and look within to change our outlook. Don’t just go with the flow, create the flow. Own your life, by making choices that make you happy, and don’t apologize for it. You can live life, and not be a jerk to others. If you fail/or make a mistake keep going. Learn the lesson, and continue to improve. If you don’t analyze your actions to the point where you can own up to your doings, then you may have bigger problems. Taking ownership, sets you up to be an effective leader, and well respected. We hold ourselves back from growth by putting our issues off on others because we are too afraid to handle them. Be real and honest with yourself, and I assure you being honest with others will come naturally.

Keep your word, and hold yourself accountable.

5.Stay Healthy


Stick it to the man with healthy food

In order to be great, you have to take care of your star player….YOU. That means taking breaks. Listen to your body. Get rest, you are human, not a robot. Staying healthy, will actually make you more productive. Eating greasy food, not only brings about health issues later on, but also makes you feel groggy, and less upbeat. Save yourself the regret of not taking care of the only body you get, before hospital bills make you pay for it. I am not saying go on an extreme diet, but practice healthy eating habits, find a workout routine that gets your brain a break, and keep your body fueled with water. Flush out the bad, and in take the good. Breathe in. And handle it. Push away the fries. And show yourself some love. Your body will thank you for it.


Wake Create Inspire Sadie Daily


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A Smile Can Light Up The World


Embrace what makes you beautiful….your uniqueness.

Your dimples+*, your differences, that one thing that sets you apart from everyone else, and makes other people go hmmmm.

#lightup the #world with your #spirit 


This week was inspired by super model Winnie Harlow. She looks gorgeous embracing her natural skin and that is what makes her sooooo beautiful!


#wakecreateINSPIRE others to show off your uniqueness!




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Mercedes Allen

Digital Marketing Consultant

Figits & Things: 2017 Trend Rundown

wersm-fidget-spinnerFigits have taken over!

They are everywhere. I have seen speakers that are figits, light up figits, and mult-color figits.


Kids use them to focus depending on sensory behavior needs, ex. ADHD, etc.

Just like trends, as adults we do the same thing, i.e.: something interesting comes along, and it keeps our interest, until something else comes up to distract us.

I have compiled a quick run down of some figits/trends as a marketer I have noticed so far in 2017 and these will continue to pop up. So #stayengaged my digital followers! ; )



Marketing Automation 

 Chat bots that talk to you as soon as you land on a page, allow you to feel more engaged, especially when you feel as though a human is communicating, when it really is a <bot> ***beep beep.

Here is an online experience for you:

When you are shopping online, and get to the check out only to stop right before your purchase happens…..

Have you noticed an ad based off of what you were looking at following you around, or did you receive an email encouraging you to go back to the site to finish your purchase??

When you see the familiar ad, or get a personalized message, it taps into your customer experience of attentiveness/awareness, and makes the imagery less foreign/random, and more customized.

If you didn’t feel engaged as a consumer, you probably would forget all about getting those items you left in the cart, especially if you didn’t receive a coupon offer.  



Yahoo Set To Invest $20 Million In Snapchat

Short Lived Content

Alright, lets go  back to the figits statement earlier about focus. How do you get someone to focus……hmmm

Well judging from our human attention span, which gets shorter, as we advance with technology.

We no longer have the time to wait! We want INSTANT, right now, in the moment coverage, which is why going live is so popular. Thanks to Snap Chat, we really are curious to see content before it disappears.

This key element of urgency cuts through online noise and clutter we often encounter when browsing the internet. We are engaged with Instagram Stories, and have to constantly check these updates, because at any given moment, our chance to watch will not be allowable. 

I like to think of this as a scarcity tactic.

Taking content for granted, causes us to slow poke around reading/watching that article or video. Yet if we know certain messages will be live for a quick second, we have to hurry and watch, and patiently wait for more, which creates a higher demand.




Staying Virtual

Having great visuals that make you feel like you are really experiencing the moment together increases engagement.  Using the 360-camera view angles, as seen on Facebook, provides a 3d reality scope that goes beyond a flat image.

Having interactive content that tells a story will continue to be a trend in 2017.

As we continue to develop new ways to use mobile devices to be anywhere, without moving from our couch, the more you will want to have your online presence  in tact.

So friends lets do a recap: Trends to take note of to add to your plan in 2017 are to stay virtual, go live, create great story telling content, and automate as much of this as possible. If you create it, people will come!


Try these trends in your marketing strategy ; ) &  #stayengaged


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