How you can get a win in 2017? 

If you want to be a winner sign up here ————-đź”˝ And answer this question….. How do you become a winner??  Well most winners I notice are great at something. In order to be great you have to have a natural nack, be consistent, practice, and never quit. Just think if Serena Williams gave up […]

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Why Marketing?

​Marketing=Sales.  Branding=Customer Retention and Recognition.  Marketing pushes people to buy. Branding pulls people into your products, builds a relationship/reputation that tells others about your service, and helps create ambassadors.  Marketing may get someone to buy, but how you brand yourself will keep that person buying.  #psych meets #business  People are your biggest asset!  #sadiedaily 

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Sadie Daily Branding Tip

It’s all about creating an experience….. what will your customers get out of using your services???Of course there is competition but your unique value proposition will set you apart! #sadiedaily #dose #tips #guru #leadstrategist #freetipofday

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