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#wakecreateINSPIRE Friday Featuring Ashley Derby, who is is the new franchise operator of a chain in Los Angeles, bringing the downtown area its first location. Read more about her journey in the industry here


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I use funnels everyday & you should too!

Creating Funnels 18595541_10155401326547853_2057468829072092481_o

I am a digital marketing consultant, and I help companies with developing creative marketing strategies, plans, and solutions to grow their businesses. I had the chance to talk to upcoming business owners recently about creating funnels at an awesome workshop presented by Boss Up Academy, and I will share a snippet with you all.


When I am not contracted out to share some of my know how/services in person or online, I am always researching #tech #trends to plug into or creating my own.

Today is special for #sadiedaily since I will be sharing some tips from my industry that has pushed my clients to get on another level. My partners at i3 Mega Marketing Group have helped me in getting some of this content together so feel free to check them out here —> i3 for more #info.


Let’s start with the inbound marketing approach to creating funnels. What is a funnel? 

A funnel is simply a process a visitor goes through when they first see your content online. This content may be a social media post, or blog. After they are led into seeing your products/services, they request more information, depending on their buyer’s level of interest they will reach out to become a customer/partner.

It is very key to have a funnel to track your success rates, and know where bottle necks are to improve your business outlook in the future.


After you attract people, having a great landing page, or website will lead to a conversion. Conversions equal sales, or contact information to build whatever campaign you are running. Again, everyone’s purpose for a funnel is different, just make sure you have one ; )….or contact #i3 @ info@i3megamarketinggroup.com.


Being active in your business is important. If it takes you days to respond to messages or calls, chances are you won’t have many customers. Nurture your interested leads by pouring into them. When people get ignored, just like in most relationships, they ultimately come to ruin, and end, because someone else is more attentive.

Don’t get dumped : ). —- Automate, Automate, Automate 


Always over deliver and under promise.




And because you must be really interested in knowing more tips, here is the mini-ebook my team at #i3 have put together for me to share, check it out here —>Create Funnels Now!

The Power of Appreciation



When someone doesn’t say thank you, the first thing a lot of people say is, that person was rude.

Just think back to a time when you did something for someone, i.e. (sent a referral, bought lunch, etc.), and how empowered you felt when the other person was so appreciative.


The same stands true when you are serving your customers/clients in business. When you are nice to your customers, they don’t mind making sure you are taken care of.

Of course some people are going to do things, and not expect anything in return, but going the extra mile, is always appreciated in business.


Even in business the more appreciative you are of feedback, resources, information, the more you are compelled to receive it.


Just think of the Chick-fil-A Model. They are beating out competitors by saying a simple….overlooked at times, please and thank you.


Having the appreciative mindset when approaching business will take you further.

It sounds simple, and normally the small gestures, really make the biggest impact when serving people. In my own personal experiences, I was most likely to go back to a business establishment where people weren’t rude.

Customer Service is one of the most important key fundamentals in having longevity in business.

Even if you have a million people doing your same type of work, you will always have loyal clients because of what sets you apart #quality #thankyou #service. It never goes unnoticed.



Looking back I am so appreciative to have worked in customer service jobs. As an entrepreneur you are 99% of the time doing customer service, though it is the hardest/most important job, it is the best experience you can have to tackle any industry.


Mercedes Allen, Digital Media Consultant

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Managing Your Brand

Sadie Daily Log: May 9, 2017:::

Location: Dallas, Tx

Managing your brand

-Met with client today to talk about website marketing tools.-
They never blogged and I was proud at the work they put in to prep themselves on understanding what a brand was, and receiving my feedback.

My clients are normally twice my age, and to get their thought process takes listening skills. I took notes because of how their mind went to the understanding of how powerful branding is. From symbols, to service marks, recognition, etc.

I want to share that:

When you promote your brand it builds a mental relationship with people. It creates supporters and a community that rallies behind you. 

Live your brand and believe in it. Each time you share your brand you are inviting people into your world. 

-Taking the time to be honest with your clients, open, friendly makes them want to work with you so much more. You are your brand.

I remember in one of my favorite marketing classes in college, having to create a brand visual. It was the essence of Sadie Daily. Positive lifestyle that motivates and helps others in creating and building their business etc. Its funny how powerful our words and actions are.

Fall in Love With Your Brand & Be a leader others will follow.

In this case log: my client needs me to build their brand, which is a big task, that is one of the most important frameworks of a business.

The feedback I got today was “Thank you, you are just what I needed, I don’t give thank you’s often, but I am listening to you, and you have rubbed off on me.”………

I love what I do #media #marketing #consulting Always brand building!


People will doubt what you say, and believe what you do. Doing something is easy, coaching someone how to is another thing.

#sadiedaily Less is, more #beingeffective

th-2My current read that is helping me strive to be better.    Hold yourself accountable. 


For more tips sign up to hear me speak May 20, 2017!



How do I get my idea to take off?

Idea (1)


Quite simply, if you want something go get it! #sadiedaily 


If you don’t execute on an idea, it will just sit there as a seed. Water it daily, even if you can’t get a stem to take root after a week. Nourish your idea, but don’t toss it out the door without giving it time to grow.

Rise Pray Grind Business Success Workshop


Boss Up Academy has put together an awesome event, and I am soooooo excited to be apart of it! For more information check out this flyer!

$20.00  general admission/ $40.00 VIP into this exclusive Business Workshop at the Hilton Homewood Suites. May 20th 2017 Reserve your spot at http://www.risepraygrindtour.com


Join me and two other pop up speakers discuss marketing, branding, social media, and financial freedom! This is definitely a tour you do not want to miss!


Why I decided to give only 20%


There are many hats to wear when running a business, for example sales, marketing, promoting, etc. the list goes on. Well, what if you were spending your time on busy tasks that were not contributing to your growth???

According to the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule 80% of your results come from 20% of effort.

Pareto Principle: Majority of effects comes from Minority of the causes

While staying busy was often a habit of mine…. I realized how little time I had for myself after being burned out doing multiple variations of trivial things. Lately I find myself busy with more productive tasks. The quality of the results have been well worth my time………I wish I would have taken on this productivity habit sooner.

Here is a visual below to depict my statement:

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 8.18.28 PM

Doing a lot of trivial things can distract you from what you should really focus on. Dealing with marketing there are several platforms to put out content, but which one is really effective??

If you are spending your time on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, but most of your results are coming from Twitter, that means you should do away with spending that time on those other platforms. The same principle applies in social interactions. If I spend the same amount of time hanging with 10 people, when out of those 10, only 2 or 3 people I actually get value out of,  I could spend that extra time meditating, reading, or working out.

And in relationships, spending time with your partner watching tv for 5 hours, or distracted with social media, isn’t as qualitative as an hour of undistracted attention.

20% of Focused attention is better than 80% of attention focused on unproductive/unfulfilling things.


Quality over Quantity.





Networking to Evolve and Connect

Here is a snippet of some recent photography services we provided to a growing network marketing company in Dallas, Tx.

We have been so busy working with small businesses, and helping them create digital content. Thanks for continuing to support Sadie Daily Media, and do not forget to email letscreateit@sadiedailymedia.com for inquiries.

: )



Sadie Daily Media

Don’t get caught on the sideline: Step your Game UP!


I love seeing  women (especially millennials) take over the internet, businesses, firms, and agencies. We are so smart, and innovative. I can not wait to see what the future holds for all of us.

Lets keep doing great things to motivate each other to step our game up!

We are the hidden figures behind some of the best discoveries. Do not hold your head down, lets keep breaking records, and shattering glass!

Your words have power, and Results come from what you BELIEVE


If you believe you can do something, you have already overcome the hardest obstacle.png

I am sure you have heard about “Law of Attraction”.

I credit a lot of my confidence and motivation to succeed, in truly, believing I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to.

Mistakes are going to happen, sometimes failure is inevitable. Yet all of those issues, make you wiser.

The hardest obstacle to get over is your own doubt. If you think you can do it, your actions will follow.

When your vocabulary is filled with no, not yet, I am not ready, I can not do this, I do not have the skills, you have already held your self back yards from a touchdown.


This week watch the words you speak over your life.

Stay motivated and affirm daily You can do it!

I believe I can help someone to get to the next step in life, by me going after my dreams and succeeding.

“Don’t believe me just watch”- Bruno Mars