The Roguish Gent Podcast

The Roguish Gent is a lifestyle podcast by Melvin Robinson that interviews different influencers around Ms.—— The Roguish Gent featured Sadie Daily earlier this month.👌

Sadie Daily a positive lifestyle blogger and digital content creator. 

Starting the new year off talking about my past, present, and future was fun. I enjoyed reflecting on how I have grown, all the while diving more into the key to being positive as an artist.

Midtown really helped me to connect others, by doing events, I not only got to push and promote my Sadie Daily brand but help others push themselves.

I have enjoyed creating in Ms. This has been a great place to start a lot of my ventures and businesses.

—–Sometimes you got to CREATE your own opportunity. Despite being from Ms, I always felt you can make change as you see fit. Most mindsets of others is that there is no outlet or resources to do this or that. Though it is easy to say those very words, we hinder people that do see something special in Jackson. So before you complain about Jackson holding you back, delete those excuses, and roll up your sleeves. There is so much talent here, hopefully in the future more entrepreneurs can come together to support and CREATE platforms to push innovation in the area…… I am so glad that another creative reached out to me to have a chance to talk in a very off the radar, candid atmosphere. The questions were great get to know you betters, and hopefully you all enjoy.

—–2017 projections:::::

I had fun discussing Sadie Daily, my personal background, journey, etc. and I can’t wait to push more positive media this year.

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Guilty Feeling

Why do we expect God to bless us when we do not seek his glory, and only our own? There is nothing wrong with asking God for blessings as long as we ask with the right motives, for instance when we ask for more, we are blessed to give more. I see it more often than not those that are highly favored have the biggest hearts. Yet there are some who ask for better jobs just because they want to buy more and yet they get the newest items and still are not satisfied. It is sort of like when you buy a new car, you dream of it, it has that new car smell and then you see something else new, your car is no longer fun to drive, leaving you miserable. If you find happiness in material things you will never truly be happy. We must learn to be content with what God blesses us with, as it is written, “for you have been faithful over little, I will bless you with more”. We should not feel guilty for ever asking God for more, we just have to make sure our hearts are in the right place. In order to be truly happy you must be able to use your blessings to bless others, I mean what’s the point in having a lot when you can’t share it, and I promise God will return it back to you 3x what you gave.
Don’t be afraid to ask God for bigger and better opportunities and don’t lose sight of the blessings he has already bestowed.
This week Seek God genuinely and ask for those big opportunities to better serve him.