DUI::::Dreaming under the Influence

If you find yourself in a negative environment, instead of giving in….keep pushing towards your goals. Inspire those who look down on your dreams, by dreaming bigger, you encourage them to do the same. This week influence someone to climb higher and dream bigger! ✌❤ Sadie Daily Don’t give up on your dreams ever…….

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Don’t Give Up

These past couple of weeks I have been tested, and I really was to a point where I thought doing good was not getting me anywhere. It is like when you are truly trying to do God’s will and you are still stuck in the mud. Yet I heard a word that was tailored just […]

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When the going gets tough……

As I meet more and more successful people I realize that it is not the title of their highest degree, what school they attended, or rich handouts they have coming from a wealthy family. Yet one thing they all have in common is their work ethic and their will to sacrifice rather than expect more […]

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Little Engine That Could…..

It is easy to support champions, I mean who wouldn’t support someone that is winning. You can guarantee that they will show you results. Yet times when you feel like your losing, don’t lose faith. People around you may back off and not stand in your corner because the results they were expecting are not showing. Do […]

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