You have been provided and equipped with everything you need to do your hearts desire. Do not think you are ever unqualified because you have a calling that mediocre thinking won’t cut the greatness built inside of you. By belittling your gifts, you dim the light you were born to shine with. Keep the faith […]

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The Test, The Grade, The Lesson

God is so good, and he deserves all of the glory. Those tests that we face in life measure how faithful we are in him.Do we give up when it gets hard or do we preserver through?After the test/storm there is always sunshine. I find what is the most amazing thing about receiving a blessing […]

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Are you lazy or patient?

There is a difference between being lazy and patient. When you are patient you are waiting for the time to come when all of your hard work will payoff, you may not have the opportunity you want now, but that does not stop you from pushing forward to get there. Those that are lazy, will […]

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