The Real Cost of Ambition

THE COST OF AMBITION: -Late Nights, Early Mornings -Lost of associates, very few friends -You will be misunderstood -You will be single unless you are lucky to find someone who understands your lifestyle and hunger. -People want you to do good but never better than them And for those reasons, you will do many things […]

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Pits and Peaks

We never become great by avoiding challenges. We get better because we push through tests. Those hurdles make you stronger and keep you competent. If life was easy all the time you would crumble at the first hint of adversity. When you want to go to the top you can’t be scared of doubters, haters, […]

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Motivation for me…..

  I get asked all the time about where do I get my ambition from? Well, if you knew how much potential you possess to create a lifestyle that has no limits, you would be pushed to turn into a go-getter too. Since I was younger, I am talking old enough to speak and write, […]

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