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Managing Your Brand

Sadie Daily Log: May 9, 2017:::

Location: Dallas, Tx

Managing your brand

-Met with client today to talk about website marketing tools.-
They never blogged and I was proud at the work they put in to prep themselves on understanding what a brand was, and receiving my feedback.

My clients are normally twice my age, and to get their thought process takes listening skills. I took notes because of how their mind went to the understanding of how powerful branding is. From symbols, to service marks, recognition, etc.

I want to share that:

When you promote your brand it builds a mental relationship with people. It creates supporters and a community that rallies behind you. 

Live your brand and believe in it. Each time you share your brand you are inviting people into your world. 

-Taking the time to be honest with your clients, open, friendly makes them want to work with you so much more. You are your brand.

I remember in one of my favorite marketing classes in college, having to create a brand visual. It was the essence of Sadie Daily. Positive lifestyle that motivates and helps others in creating and building their business etc. Its funny how powerful our words and actions are.

Fall in Love With Your Brand & Be a leader others will follow.

In this case log: my client needs me to build their brand, which is a big task, that is one of the most important frameworks of a business.

The feedback I got today was “Thank you, you are just what I needed, I don’t give thank you’s often, but I am listening to you, and you have rubbed off on me.”………

I love what I do #media #marketing #consulting Always brand building!


People will doubt what you say, and believe what you do. Doing something is easy, coaching someone how to is another thing.

#sadiedaily Less is, more #beingeffective

th-2My current read that is helping me strive to be better.    Hold yourself accountable. 


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Rise Pray Grind Business Success Workshop


Boss Up Academy has put together an awesome event, and I am soooooo excited to be apart of it! For more information check out this flyer!

$20.00  general admission/ $40.00 VIP into this exclusive Business Workshop at the Hilton Homewood Suites. May 20th 2017 Reserve your spot at http://www.risepraygrindtour.com


Join me and two other pop up speakers discuss marketing, branding, social media, and financial freedom! This is definitely a tour you do not want to miss!


Networking to Evolve and Connect

Here is a snippet of some recent photography services we provided to a growing network marketing company in Dallas, Tx.

We have been so busy working with small businesses, and helping them create digital content. Thanks for continuing to support Sadie Daily Media, and do not forget to email letscreateit@sadiedailymedia.com for inquiries.

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Sadie Daily Media

7 Great Photo Booth ideas/props for your wedding day!

Weddings and events are an important time to celebrate….below are some fun ways to celebrate with your guests and create memories to cherish forever <3!


Hopefully this inspires you on your big day! 

If you need any assistance with media services check out a photographer here




Who’s Your Santa?

Sadie Daily Media enjoyed capturing Red Carpet coverage from the Who’s Your Santa Event this past weekend. 4 Ever Caring hosted this amazing fundraising gala to give back to a less fortunate family this Christmas.

The sponsors and “Santas” came together and that is what Christmas is all about #giving #4evercaring ❤ 



For more coverage of this event please go to www.sadiedailymedia.com to browse the gallery.

Best Dressed Jackson Event

Raising Money and Awareness

Against Cancer


The American Cancer Society is  dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem through research, education, advocacy, and service. Best Dressed Jackson is an inaugural event that honors 20 young professionals who not only are fashionable, but an asset to the communities they serve. Here are some pictures Sadie Daily Media was able to capture from this amazing event.

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