Highlight Reel

We all have met that person and probably have been that person,where someone asks, “Hey how are you,”….them “I am having a terrible day everything is going wrong, this is going bad,etc.”

We all have problems 

Just because someone chooses not to tell every problem and announce every low does not mean they do not have dark moments. Being jealous or envious is a bad trait to have especially if you are looking on the outside of someone else’s life. Yes you see them as successful, they have the car you want, relationship you desire, job you wish you had, house you dreamed of, etc. What you do not see is the work and prayer it took that person to get all of those things. Do not complain and be lazy, there is someone out there who is up late working, busting there butt off to have everything. Choosing to praise and show your blessings is not being a show off, it is to inspire others. Your season is coming, but having a bad attitude about life is not going to bring any change. We have to learn how to change our view/perspective on life in order for outer things to change. Know that you are created and deserve great things, what are you doing now to set your self up for that blessing you prayed for????

Our words have power. Be careful what your thoughts are because you may say them. When you say things you are affirming that you believe it. What is it that you highlight most? Do you highlight your problems, or do you promote the good in your life? By proclaiming good things, you make the issues going on dead.

You have a choice to ignite positiveness around you, or bring power to negativity. If you are like me when people only have bad things to say it makes you not want to be around them. Negativity can rub off on you and the next thing you know you are that very person.

This week, change your thinking, and be mindful of not only the things you tell others, but watch out for what you tell yourself. Do you call yourself smart, or do you put your self down after every decision?

Have confidence and go with good faith forward!


-Sadie Daily


Little Engine That Could…..

It is easy to support champions, I mean who wouldn’t support someone that is winning. You can guarantee that they will show you results. Yet times when you feel like your losing, don’t lose faith. People around you may back off and not stand in your corner because the results they were expecting are not showing. Do not stop believing, remember that you are not defined by your wins but how you recover after a lost. You can feel bad and down for a while but you have to stay strong, be persistant, you can’t win them all, but you can try. Stay in the Game! I like to think about the little engine that could when I see myself being in a race where I am behind, or not quite where I want to be, I remember about how in the story, the little engine could have given up a long time ago because he couldn’t seem to win. I then realize that its all a mentality, you must never lose focus because if you lose hope you already lost. You got to stay motivated in order to stay in the running to win. The thing about winning is that you have to have a winning attitude. Winning is not everything, but having a winning attitude is everything. 

Stay Motivated- You will accomplish so much more when you realize all you have to gain whether than being gloomy about your lost

Keep the Faith-Even when those around you don’t believe, see beyond what you are facing, and leave worry and doubt behind you

& You will win no matter what……you are almost there after reading this…Don’t ! and I repeat Don’t !Give Up!!!


“He’s calling me to go deeper”

This post was inspired by the song Deeper- By Marvin Sapp. When I listen to this song, and actually meditate on the lyrics it makes me think about those times when we really want to throw the towel in and quit. It is easy to give up when we feel so much pressure, and allow doubt to come in our minds. Yet the best way to look at a difficult situation is to have Faith beyond what we see.  All of the tests and trials that we go through in life are making us stronger. It is comforting to know that God is bigger than what we are going through. It takes patience to realize that when you feel defeated, you will never win and come out on top if you do not try. It’s like we do not feel that we can do what God is calling us to do because we are afraid of making a mistake. We are not perfect but we can try.  Do not let your fear of not being perfect or good enough to do something outweigh your faith in God.

With God all things are possible. As long as we try, God sincerely knows our heart so whatever we may think we lack in knowledge, talent, abilities, etc. God has us covered. It gets hard when we only limit our selves to what we are capable of doing when we are looking with our own natural eyes, instead of spiritually seeing all of the things God is able to do if we allow him to use us.  Yes you can allow sin, worry about finances, disappointment, and other distractions to take over or you can allow God to take over.

Do not be afraid when God wants to use you, accept his calling to go deeper whether it is him calling you to be a Pastor/Evangelist, mentor, or if he is calling you to new heights in your career or spiritual life…..

Go Deeper!

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

-Jeremiah 29:11 NIV