Gracefully Appreciating!

I find it easy to get ungrateful for things, especially small things. I am so use to having shoes, I don’t remember ever a time when I didn’t have shoes. Like I just wake up and know I will have access to a pair of shoes. Now I never am claiming to be rich, I […]

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What we live in……

We live in a generation that always proclaims nobody is loyal, trust nobody, people play games, its hard to find somebody genuine, there is no thing such as true love anymore. Well if we are believers, we believe in this very crazy thing called love. Love never fails, it believes all things, and hopes all […]

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Grace is sufficient

Without grace where would we be?? I mean we all have fallen short, due to the fact that nobody perfect exists. Yet it is amazing how God allows us to turn our mistakes into messages. Readers, Do not be so harsh on yourself, let God use your mistakes to bring glory to him. Grace over […]

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Opportunity to Help

Every saint has a past just like how every sinner has a future. Be careful before you judge someone or make assumptions about them because you don’t know where they have been and are going through. We have to keep that in mind that just because we may have sunny days now doesn’t mean clouds […]

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Hide or Go Seek

Call me old fashion, but I have always heard that the man is suppose to come after the woman. He is suppose to seek her. Yet while women are waiting for their husband to find them we must be preparing and getting ready. How can you always want to be with someone or in a […]

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