Add a little Glitter

Its funny some of the happiest people I run into are not materialistic. They are modest and comfortable as far as living is concerned. However some of the saddest people care about things more than items you can’t buy.
Since when does what you drive, the biggest house, most stressful high paying job give you a dose of life worth enjoying? Go after what makes you happy, gold doesn’t always glitter.
&&&& Just because you can’t afford gold, doesn’t mean you can’t shine ;).




If you look to others for fulfillment you will never be fulfilled. Happiness that is dependent on material things, actions of others, and not from within will leave you hurt and disappointed. Stop seeking others to make you happy, if you get a great job, a big house, you still won’t be happy or fulfill if that’s all that your happiness depends on. Stop waiting for stuff to happen and get happy now!!



This song always seems to just make me get up and go, I love the message behind it as well. Sometimes as humans we get so busy and frustrated with the happenings in life forgetting happiness is a choice. Today take a minute and breathe, enjoy and love the people around you, pause and smell the roses, tune out the negative focus on the positive. Chase after what makes you happy, and let go of what brings you down.
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Go live life
You don’t have to be a rebel and break rules to live a happy life!

Oh Happy Day

Sometimes we feel in order to recognize happiness we have to go on a dream vacation or receive a promotion. Yet a good optimist can find happiness in any situation they are facing in life. So with that said God made today for a reason so take joy in today as well as all days. We have so much to live for and be happy about don’t wait until that big break happens, get happy now! You have made it to see another day that’s enough to shout about.

Take on this week regardless of what you are faced with and seize the day! Rejoice and be glad, because this is the day The Lord has made!