Don’t drop the ball😣😣

Vollyball is such a fun team sport. Each person has a place to guard/stand just like in life. If you are not in your spot, you….. drop the ball. This week while you are at work or at home think about “your” team.  Playing your part rather small or big still helps with the overall […]

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A new day=Progress

  I am so grateful for another day to get better. I started my Sunday off by relaxing. Yes, I enjoyed resting. It is good to take a breath, I mean really inhale. Life passes by so fast, and next thing you know…’s Monday. Its okay to take a break, but don’t sleep or quit […]

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Being A Better You…

Have you ever thought to yourself that you just want to out do others? Out do, in terms of, someone got a 55 I am going to push for a 60….very small thinking huh. Competition can be fun, but it limits you. If you focus on being better than others, you are settling for their […]

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Lunchtime Chronicles

Today I learned a little bit about something I was battling against. Passion vs Paycheck, which do you chase??? It took some wise words from an old pal Billy during lunchtime I met. I told him I would blog about it :). Well, here’s what we discussed. Billy told me about the morons and the […]

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