How Will We Share Content In The Future?

The Future of Content Sharing is NOW.

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As quick as you can snap a picture, load it, and hit send, is the rate of sharing experiences universally.

In order to share updates over 20 years ago, we used to have to use a beeper, then there was AOL.

Now we can share our food, our events, and anything going on, at real time access levels….LIVE! 

The power of technology allows us to connect with people from all over the world, and share experiences, while they are happening.

Do not wait for the moment, create it, and share it. Live in it! 

Wake Create Inspire Sadie Daily

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Daily Inspiration Corner

#wakecreateINSPIRE -My black-iranian sister Yara Shahidi ❤


This daily inspiration corner, was inspired by the beautiful Yara Shahidi. I love how she uses her platform to inspire and embrace multi-cultural differences.


My thoughts below:

-Media plays a powerful role in how minorities are displayed. With so many lives lost because a person appears to be more dangerous because of a skin tone, is probably the most obscured thing ever. Yet, think about the labels we place on people because they look different, what if the shoe was on the other foot. What if you were mistreated, and assumed to be up to no good, because you have a darker skin tone.

Let’s be the kings and queens we were born to be this week, and not let the media influence our behaviors and thoughts. You are more than what someone thinks you are.



<3. I read somewhere we are afraid of what we have never been exposed to. <<<<get out of comfort zones. & #live




Wake Create Inspire Sadie Daily

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A Smile Can Light Up The World


Embrace what makes you beautiful….your uniqueness.

Your dimples+*, your differences, that one thing that sets you apart from everyone else, and makes other people go hmmmm.

#lightup the #world with your #spirit 


This week was inspired by super model Winnie Harlow. She looks gorgeous embracing her natural skin and that is what makes her sooooo beautiful!


#wakecreateINSPIRE others to show off your uniqueness!





Mercedes Allen

Digital Marketing Consultant

Nobody tells us to get WISDOM.

The older I get, I find that what I truly want is wisdom.

Nobody tells us to get WISDOM. 

Around graduation time, and life events in general someone tells you to go to college, get a job, get a degree, get married.etc.


In order to be a good steward over all of the above takes wisdom. You can get a dream job, house, marriage, but without wisdom you won’t know what to do with it, or how to keep it.

People get degrees, but without wisdom, you won’t know how to apply that degree to life.


In waiting, prepare for what’s to come.

Having guardrails protects us, #proverbs


Wake.Create.Inspire. Repeat



I get inspired while traveling. Seeing art in everything around me ignites this creative force within me. During my latest trip to the west coast, I got a lot of spark for my Wake Create Inspire initiative. #sadiedaily Here is a few of the pictures I captured of one of my favorite cities to visit.

Lots of culture, lots of adventure…… :  )


What inspires you to create??

Don’t drop the ball😣😣

Vollyball is such a fun team sport. Each person has a place to guard/stand just like in life. If you are not in your spot, you….. drop the ball. This week while you are at work or at home think about “your” team. 

Playing your part rather small or big still helps with the overall goal. 

From raising kids, cooking a meal, or finishing a class project, we have roles assigned that matter. 
The tv show you watch has roles also, and it includes more than the stars. There are writers, production teams, camera operators, and viewers that impact the entire show. If someone decides not to write the script, what will the actors say? 

We all play roles and it’s our responsibility at various places, be it, community, job, etc. to impact others. Your role may seem minor, but if you were to stop working, somebody will notice. 

Do not down play your contributions. Continue doing your part, because every bit counts.

Don’t drop the ball

Stay ready to get all the opportunities coming your way. When you are living in your purpose, standing still, being dead, affects the destiny meant for you.
Go live in action by living in your purpose.

So much awaits!❤✌


A new day=Progress


I am so grateful for another day to get better. I started my Sunday off by relaxing. Yes, I enjoyed resting. It is good to take a breath, I mean really inhale. Life passes by so fast, and next thing you know…’s Monday.

Its okay to take a break, but don’t sleep or quit on yourself!

People will look at you, and judge you because of yesterday. I am so glad, God woked me up today, and reminded me, I am not my past faults. I am a new beginning, that has a bright tomorrow. Regardless to how you feel currently, you are a work in progress.

For every morning you wake up, you have a choice to keep going. A new day means, it is a chance to refresh, and progress forward. Trust me, you are not a finished master piece yet. 😉

Enjoy your week and make sure it’s progressive.



Being A Better You…

Have you ever thought to yourself that you just want to out do others? Out do, in terms of, someone got a 55 I am going to push for a 60….very small thinking huh. Competition can be fun, but it limits you. If you focus on being better than others, you are settling for their measuring system. Set your goals and focus on them. You may not think it, but you get farther by pushing for self-improvement over out doing others. Take steps every day to do something tou have always wanted, and if you are in a negative environment, push away to get inspiration. —-your growth depends on it
Focus on yourself, because you are worth it, and your future self will thank you later. 😉


Lunchtime Chronicles

Today I learned a little bit about something I was battling against. Passion vs Paycheck, which do you chase???
It took some wise words from an old pal Billy during lunchtime I met. I told him I would blog about it :).
Well, here’s what we discussed.
Billy told me about the morons and the lesons. The morons, well they want more and more and are never satisfied, ultimately turning into morons ha, while the lesons, always seem to have less, but they are happy with what they have. We talked about purpose also, and how even us meeting was no coincidence, but simply God led.
I told him about my dreams, and he left my table on a note about what we were created for…..We were created to help others, at anytime….. be available. Though our two minute conversation made my whole 24hr day, I took away alot more to consider. In life we work for a paycheck, but is it worth it? Are we fulfilled?
It was a pleasure to meet Billy and chat. Just like a deer with no eyes… have no idea!!!!
I am loving life and so glad to be moving forward in the right way! Patience is a virtue….trust your inner spirit.