Add a little Glitter

Its funny some of the happiest people I run into are not materialistic. They are modest and comfortable as far as living is concerned. However some of the saddest people care about things more than items you can’t buy. Since when does what you drive, the biggest house, most stressful high paying job give you […]

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Highlight Reel

We all have met that person and probably have been that person,where someone asks, “Hey how are you,”….them “I am having a terrible day everything is going wrong, this is going bad,etc.” We all have problems  Just because someone chooses not to tell every problem and announce every low does not mean they do not […]

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Dear You….Life is 2 short

I am up in a writing mood tonight I guess, I am in really deep thought about my power as a student, friend, sister, blogger, and how I want to really challenge myself to take it to that next level. I create blogs that inspire people everyday, yet I want to go deeper because I […]

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