How Will We Share Content In The Future?

The Future of Content Sharing is NOW.

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As quick as you can snap a picture, load it, and hit send, is the rate of sharing experiences universally.

In order to share updates over 20 years ago, we used to have to use a beeper, then there was AOL.

Now we can share our food, our events, and anything going on, at real time access levels….LIVE! 

The power of technology allows us to connect with people from all over the world, and share experiences, while they are happening.

Do not wait for the moment, create it, and share it. Live in it! 

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Live Learn Grow

I always thought that once you stopped going to school you basically stopped learning, but I realized that you only stop learning when you closed your mind up because of the feeling that you don’t need to know anything else. You can go to school for years and years, and not learn anything. Anyone can read and memorize lines, just like reading the bible and being able to quote scriptures, but are you actually learning how to live?? Life is the best teacher when it comes to learning life lessons. I say that because the human heart changes, the human mind changes, we change, we learn, and grow because of knowledge, we learn how to easily navigate through life, we learn how to be better parents, spouses, students, and caretakers. In order to be a better role model (person) you must first learn how to be one and that goes for anything we aspire to be in life. Never stop learning, you’re never too old to expand your mind, and be open to knowing new things! It’s not trying to be a geek or a know it all, it’s about being aware, resourceful, and helpful.  You can not help anyone or be able to tell someone something if you never took the time to learn it. This week don’t just settle for barely getting by, apply yourself in all facets of life to learn more, and apply what you have learned into action to be a better (leader/Christian).

Live Learn Grow

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Dear You….Life is 2 short

I am up in a writing mood tonight I guess, I am in really deep thought about my power as a student, friend, sister, blogger, and how I want to really challenge myself to take it to that next level. I create blogs that inspire people everyday, yet I want to go deeper because I learn so much about myself when I give my thoughts to these writings. Yeah I am pretty content with my life, but I really want to dedicate this post to those that may wonder where all of my blog posts come from. I am inspired by life, and different things that occur on a day to day basis to me. It wouldn’t be right for me to give inspirational posts to others and not practice what I preach. I gain so much from writing these posts than I realize.  I’m not perfect, misunderstood, at times, but human none the less. I am trying to be a better person and not live with any kind of hate, bitterness, grudge, ill-will, so if we don’t talk, have not had a connection, not seen eye to eye, had a disagreement, etc. I love you sincerely and I hope you have a blessed 1 because life’s too short. Yes we all have decisions to make but I am in control of the way I handle things, not others, I have the power to influence others and I don’t take that lightly.  Sadie daily encourages you to forgive those who have hurt you, and those you have hurt unintentionally. You will feel so free once you let go of what is weighing you down. I know that sometimes things come off weirdly and words don’t get expressed the way they should. Yet this is dedicated to those I have wrong and have wronged me to show that Sadie loves you, and those words are bonding henceforth and forever more.


Live Life Love