Conform or To Not Conform?

Are you being conformed by the world…… meaning are you easily influenced by the trends?

Kylie lip challenge has everyone wanting pouter lips, whatever happened to people just being happy with the way they looked?

The view of what beauty is has being commercialized by celebs who use fame to draw attention to fads. Does that really scream beauty? Getting surgery to make your nose smaller, lips bigger, really worth it? Do you feel better after it or is it more of an internal issue?

God made everyone to perfection. We are all perfect in his image, and created for a specific purpose. You being dark, or lighter toned skin, big ears, wide frame, or small feet, does not mean you were made wrong. Trying to fix or correct a master piece is like buying a brand new car off of the lot, and deciding to hit a pole, because you didn’t like how the front frame looked.

I wish we lived in a world where we wanted to imitate ones great milestones of achieving academic prestige, creating inventions, and cures, and being role models for change, rather then wanting to copy a hairstyle or a wardrobe.

We have gotten so shallow and caught in looks, we don’t even have time to appreciate how immaculate of a creation we really are. Take time to realize your beauty, and don’t get intimidated by the world’s view of beauty, and what photoshop can do to your figure, lets love ourselves now!

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Be Original

So many times we as people want to be liked and accepted by others forgetting that you must first accept yourself. Be yourself and embrace everything about you from your strengths to weaknesses they make you, they don’t have to control who you are but it helps you to stand out in a world of uncreative, small minded, copy cats. I said all of that to tell you to be yourself! You’re going to get critiqued and criticized either way so you might as well be original.
Happy Sunday

Every Body is Different

It’s February which means spring break is just around the corner. This puts a lot of pressure on everybody especially girls to get in the gym. I know I have fallen victim by trying to tone up.Seeing models make it look so easy, and make you feel like you are not good enough for society. Yet everybody is not built up to be a size 2 or a size 0 for that matter. The thing about being beautiful is that it comes in all shapes and sizes. Don’t be depressed when you get on a scale as long as you are taking care of your body (eating healthy, exercising, and drinking water) you should not worry about not being able to be a certain weight yet learning to love your body. Once you realize things about your body you will come to the realization that every..body is different. Loving yourself is important, it takes time, but once you are able to make an affirmation that you will love yourself no matter what, a confident you will come to life. This confidence will bring positive affirmations, which will make others attracted to you. Nobody wants to hear someone complain about their flaws, everyone has them, learning how to work what you have, and showing off your personality is what people want to see. Commit to wanting to be the best you, and know that you are beautiful inside and out regardless to what the media says is the perfect look. When you find yourself feeling down about how you look do something about it, pamper yourself, give your body the nutrients needed, that goes with feeding yourself positive daily comments.

Love Yourself


Sadie ❤