If You Want To Be Great Do These 5 Things Now


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1.Follow Your Passion


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Find something you love doing and pursue it! The only way to do great work is to love the work you do. If you find yourself feeling down and out & miserable, set some goals. If you are not being fulfilled, find out what your interests are and take steps to follow what keeps you up at night. When you are working in your passion it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like purpose.

You only have one life to live, do not waste precious moments building something you do not want to live in.

Wear your confidence well. 

2.Be Grateful


Thank You

I believe that life is 85 % what you make it, always be aware of your attitude, simply changing your perspective, can & will change your life. When you cultivate a sense of gratitude you immediately boost your mental and physical health. A grateful mindset, makes life great because you are no longer finding things to complain about, which leads to stress. You are so thankful for the small things many people take for granted,ex. simple things such as being able to try again, enjoy the outdoors, and be above ground. Living with a grateful intention in mind attracts positive energy. Use the right words, because there is power in the way we talk about ourselves and others. Give back, and always say thank you, are good practice habits to be grateful.

The more positive your outlook, the more things come along that will add to your cup.

3.Keep Learning


Keep Learning

The key ingredient to being great is to never stop learning. Most people who get comfortable where they are remain average. Yet, if you want to be the best, you have to train, and think like you are capable of being the best. This means staying up to date on trends in your industry, studying your craft, and reading self-help (motivational books).  A client of mine told me it is better to be a learn it all, than a know it all. That statement is so true. Allowing yourself to learn something new, keeps your mind fresh, and focused. Be wise my friends. No matter how old you get, or how many degrees you have, try learning something new.

Just like plants need water, our brains thirst for knowledge.

4.Take Ownership


Take Ownership Kanye

Own up to your mistakes. If you created a problem, don’t point fingers to blame others. As life matures us, we begin to no longer blame others for our shortcomings, and look within to change our outlook. Don’t just go with the flow, create the flow. Own your life, by making choices that make you happy, and don’t apologize for it. You can live life, and not be a jerk to others. If you fail/or make a mistake keep going. Learn the lesson, and continue to improve. If you don’t analyze your actions to the point where you can own up to your doings, then you may have bigger problems. Taking ownership, sets you up to be an effective leader, and well respected. We hold ourselves back from growth by putting our issues off on others because we are too afraid to handle them. Be real and honest with yourself, and I assure you being honest with others will come naturally.

Keep your word, and hold yourself accountable.

5.Stay Healthy


Stick it to the man with healthy food

In order to be great, you have to take care of your star player….YOU. That means taking breaks. Listen to your body. Get rest, you are human, not a robot. Staying healthy, will actually make you more productive. Eating greasy food, not only brings about health issues later on, but also makes you feel groggy, and less upbeat. Save yourself the regret of not taking care of the only body you get, before hospital bills make you pay for it. I am not saying go on an extreme diet, but practice healthy eating habits, find a workout routine that gets your brain a break, and keep your body fueled with water. Flush out the bad, and in take the good. Breathe in. And handle it. Push away the fries. And show yourself some love. Your body will thank you for it.


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I don’t think Martin Luther King Day is just a holiday for “black” people. He believed and fought for greater reasons than one race. Its about ceasing the separation and judgment of people based upon color or religion…….  If you are still stereotyping today then get out and learn about a new culture. There is bad in every culture but there is good too. Love and learn about people different from you. It may change your perspective on life. #mlk
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Its all about peace
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What we live in……

We live in a generation that always proclaims nobody is loyal, trust nobody, people play games, its hard to find somebody genuine, there is no thing such as true love anymore. Well if we are believers, we believe in this very crazy thing called love. Love never fails, it believes all things, and hopes all things. Yes love endures, it is not provoked, and it does not behave rudely. Love (suffers long), I see I may have lost some people by now. See we want to experience love, but are we truly ready to bear and endure for it? Love does not envy, and rejoices in the truth. I believe there is a difference in mature love and childish love, playing games are for children. If you want to experience love you have to deal with good days and bad, and not lose faith. I always admire seeing older couples and wonder their secret, I can imagine, the key word Love has a major part in it. So before you continue regarding love in a negative manner, check your heart. Are you genuine? Be true to your self and allow God to intercede on your behalf.

Peace & Love

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True love does not work under conditions. Conditions being if this person stops buying me stuff, doing certain things, etc.., I will stop loving them. Even if a person hurts you, true love doesn’t try to get even, love like God, is forgiving, does not count wrongs, and is not looking to hurt back. Love like God’s never fails. It’s a daily challenge, because of how weak our flesh is, continue to put forth in effort in doing so.
@sadie_daily: “Love is an act of faith and forgiveness,” Forgiveness is giving up my right to hurt you for hurting me.”-Beyoncé


Borrowed time

Ever wonder why you meet the people you meet? It’s like someone crossed your path, and made an everlasting impact on you. Well each of us were sent down for a purpose, do not waste any bit of your life being mad, sweating the little things, or worrying. Each breath we take is precious and you never know when it very well could be your last. Even on your healthiest day you could be called home. We have expiration dates, no one knows when our moment will come but you must not take anyone or anything for granted. Forgive that person, appreciate those around you, say I love you, make time, before you have regrets, and I wish I would have moments, Do IT Now!!!!!!!! Live don’t just exist, life is too short to not relish and soak up everything. Travel, play, love, enjoy it all. I promise the world doesn’t owe you a thing.


From me to you!

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I don’t believe in the word impossible. Psalm 46:5, God is within her she will not fail. My success is not dependent upon opinions of others and my promotion does not come from man. I would like for you to check out my main website to get to know about my projects and support my future and present endeavors. Thank you so much blog readers of the Daily Dose for your consistency and views, approaching another year of blogging, and more is to come. Stay true to yourself, don’t give up on your dreams, and continue to walk in purpose, pray for wisdom and discernment and most importantly love, and seize the day!

Bless you all!