I use funnels everyday & you should too!

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I am a digital marketing consultant, and I help companies with developing creative marketing strategies, plans, and solutions to grow their businesses. I had the chance to talk to upcoming business owners recently about creating funnels at an awesome workshop presented by Boss Up Academy, and I will share a snippet with you all.


When I am not contracted out to share some of my know how/services in person or online, I am always researching #tech #trends to plug into or creating my own.

Today is special for #sadiedaily since I will be sharing some tips from my industry that has pushed my clients to get on another level. My partners at i3 Mega Marketing Group have helped me in getting some of this content together so feel free to check them out here —> i3 for more #info.


Let’s start with the inbound marketing approach to creating funnels. What is a funnel? 

A funnel is simply a process a visitor goes through when they first see your content online. This content may be a social media post, or blog. After they are led into seeing your products/services, they request more information, depending on their buyer’s level of interest they will reach out to become a customer/partner.

It is very key to have a funnel to track your success rates, and know where bottle necks are to improve your business outlook in the future.


After you attract people, having a great landing page, or website will lead to a conversion. Conversions equal sales, or contact information to build whatever campaign you are running. Again, everyone’s purpose for a funnel is different, just make sure you have one ; )….or contact #i3 @ info@i3megamarketinggroup.com.


Being active in your business is important. If it takes you days to respond to messages or calls, chances are you won’t have many customers. Nurture your interested leads by pouring into them. When people get ignored, just like in most relationships, they ultimately come to ruin, and end, because someone else is more attentive.

Don’t get dumped : ). —- Automate, Automate, Automate 


Always over deliver and under promise.




And because you must be really interested in knowing more tips, here is the mini-ebook my team at #i3 have put together for me to share, check it out here —>Create Funnels Now!


The Daily Inspiration Corner




Inspired by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO at Facebook.



sadie daily marketing media digital I had the awesome time helping inform business owners on the benefits of creating funnels. I woke up to create, and use strategies I know that are proven to work in any industry. My only wish is to inspire others to do the same. No need to reinvent the wheel, #improve #progress.


-Happy Monday

Sadie Daily

Managing Your Brand

Sadie Daily Log: May 9, 2017:::

Location: Dallas, Tx

Managing your brand

-Met with client today to talk about website marketing tools.-
They never blogged and I was proud at the work they put in to prep themselves on understanding what a brand was, and receiving my feedback.

My clients are normally twice my age, and to get their thought process takes listening skills. I took notes because of how their mind went to the understanding of how powerful branding is. From symbols, to service marks, recognition, etc.

I want to share that:

When you promote your brand it builds a mental relationship with people. It creates supporters and a community that rallies behind you. 

Live your brand and believe in it. Each time you share your brand you are inviting people into your world. 

-Taking the time to be honest with your clients, open, friendly makes them want to work with you so much more. You are your brand.

I remember in one of my favorite marketing classes in college, having to create a brand visual. It was the essence of Sadie Daily. Positive lifestyle that motivates and helps others in creating and building their business etc. Its funny how powerful our words and actions are.

Fall in Love With Your Brand & Be a leader others will follow.

In this case log: my client needs me to build their brand, which is a big task, that is one of the most important frameworks of a business.

The feedback I got today was “Thank you, you are just what I needed, I don’t give thank you’s often, but I am listening to you, and you have rubbed off on me.”………

I love what I do #media #marketing #consulting Always brand building!


People will doubt what you say, and believe what you do. Doing something is easy, coaching someone how to is another thing.

#sadiedaily Less is, more #beingeffective

th-2My current read that is helping me strive to be better.    Hold yourself accountable. 


For more tips sign up to hear me speak May 20, 2017!



Rise Pray Grind Business Success Workshop


Boss Up Academy has put together an awesome event, and I am soooooo excited to be apart of it! For more information check out this flyer!

$20.00  general admission/ $40.00 VIP into this exclusive Business Workshop at the Hilton Homewood Suites. May 20th 2017 Reserve your spot at http://www.risepraygrindtour.com


Join me and two other pop up speakers discuss marketing, branding, social media, and financial freedom! This is definitely a tour you do not want to miss!


What would you build?


We are in control of what the future looks like….this is why it is so important to CREATE!

I had a great time connecting with other entrepreneurs, just to name a few, Patrick Collison (Stripe), James Heller (Wrapify), 30 under 30 Forbes members, and future ones like myself ; ) at Launch Festival.

Launch Festival is one of the biggest start up festivals in the U.S., this is where Uber raised funding, Paypal launched, *big* 

I got to test and check out some new products IBM and Microsoft are launching as well that will make creating sooooooooooo much easier!

I made some great connections, and I can not wait to create and launch some big things from Sadie Daily Media, so stay tuned. In the meantime, it was great networking, and exchanging info with a lot people needing marketing/media services to grow.

As a marketer it is important to stay on top of trends.  Don’t get left behind, being the last person to jump on the next big thing.

Think outside of the box. Partner with some awesome people. And get those ideas off the couch!







Networking to Evolve and Connect

Here is a snippet of some recent photography services we provided to a growing network marketing company in Dallas, Tx.

We have been so busy working with small businesses, and helping them create digital content. Thanks for continuing to support Sadie Daily Media, and do not forget to email letscreateit@sadiedailymedia.com for inquiries.

: )



Sadie Daily Media

How you can get a win in 2017? 

If you want to be a winner sign up here


And answer this question…..

How do you become a winner?? 

Well most winners I notice are great at something. In order to be great you have to have a natural nack, be consistent, practice, and never quit.

Just think if Serena Williams gave up playing tennis in high school…..she definitely wouldn’t hold so many winning titles.

Do you want to win in life? Dont give up when it gets rough, hang in there, and perfect your craft.

Everyday decide to prepare to win.

Take an L, but never lose focus. The winning trait is to keep going.

2017= The year of winning
If you would like to win with Sadie Daily email letscreateit@sadiedailymedia.com

#sadiedaily Winner’s Circle 🏆

Marketing Guru by day. Positive Influencer 24/7.


The Roguish Gent Podcast

The Roguish Gent is a lifestyle podcast by Melvin Robinson that interviews different influencers around Ms.—— The Roguish Gent featured Sadie Daily earlier this month.👌

Sadie Daily a positive lifestyle blogger and digital content creator. 

Starting the new year off talking about my past, present, and future was fun. I enjoyed reflecting on how I have grown, all the while diving more into the key to being positive as an artist.

Midtown really helped me to connect others, by doing events, I not only got to push and promote my Sadie Daily brand but help others push themselves.

I have enjoyed creating in Ms. This has been a great place to start a lot of my ventures and businesses.

—–Sometimes you got to CREATE your own opportunity. Despite being from Ms, I always felt you can make change as you see fit. Most mindsets of others is that there is no outlet or resources to do this or that. Though it is easy to say those very words, we hinder people that do see something special in Jackson. So before you complain about Jackson holding you back, delete those excuses, and roll up your sleeves. There is so much talent here, hopefully in the future more entrepreneurs can come together to support and CREATE platforms to push innovation in the area…… I am so glad that another creative reached out to me to have a chance to talk in a very off the radar, candid atmosphere. The questions were great get to know you betters, and hopefully you all enjoy.

—–2017 projections:::::

I had fun discussing Sadie Daily, my personal background, journey, etc. and I can’t wait to push more positive media this year.

Here is the link: https://soundcloud.com/cce-productions/the-roguish-gent-mercedes-allen

Please be sure to check out Melvin’s past interviews and upcoming one’s.

Why Marketing?


 Branding=Customer Retention and Recognition

Marketing pushes people to buy. Branding pulls people into your products, builds a relationship/reputation that tells others about your service, and helps create ambassadors. 

Marketing may get someone to buy, but how you brand yourself will keep that person buying.

 #psych meets #business 
People are your biggest asset


Sadie Daily Branding Tip

It’s all about creating an experience….. what will your customers get out of using your services???Of course there is competition but your unique value proposition will set you apart! #sadiedaily #dose #tips #guru #leadstrategist #freetipofday