Your success and opportunity creates room for envy. The more people that love and support you, more people will hate you. The only way to avoid it is to stay down. Are you afraid to be the best you even if you risk others hating you? Don’t limit yourself, be prepared when God raises you, hate will come, threats will be made, and shade will be thrown. Change your perspective a lot of oppositions you face are opportunities in disguise. Don’t give up!


Insight from Former Secretary of State

I was honored tonight to be able to have been in attendance to hear Condoleezza Rice when she came and spoke at my school (Mississippi State). She spoke so profoundly on our nation as a whole and our democracy stating how it is only as strong as our weakest link. Telling us that we have the power to help our nation move forward, and about how optimistic she is about the future, as we should be. 

Below are some key points that I took from her speech that I would like to share with you as well:

Give back to those less fortunate: It will turn your thinking from Why don’t I have this? to Why do I have so much?

If you lose control of your circumstances, you lose control of your destiny. Do not plan your future so much, take it one step at a time, leaving room for those unusual turns that open up possibilities, that allow things to fall into place.

Condoleezza Rice went from being a Music major to where she is now because she followed her passion. It is very important to do something you are passionate about, and don’t let anyone define your passion. It does not matter your background or where you are from to determine where you are going.

Dr. Rice said something really neat about challenging yourself, because you gain more fulfillment by doing something that is hard for you rather than something you are good at (challenge yourself, do something hard, it will make you better). 

Also if your arguments are never challenged by those around you, step out of that circle, it is when someone disagrees that you are able to hone your argument. 

Again I am very blessed to have received the opportunity to hear Condoleezza Rice speak. Not only was it educational, but inspirational.

Now go out and Inspire someone!


Opportunity to Help

Every saint has a past just like how every sinner has a future. Be careful before you judge someone or make assumptions about them because you don’t know where they have been and are going through. We have to keep that in mind that just because we may have sunny days now doesn’t mean clouds and rain won’t come. Ever realize how when you are going through a storm, God is right there to comfort us so that when our fellow sisters/brothers are in the middle of a storm we can comfort them. Instead of trying to point fingers and criticize people, pray and roll up your sleeves and help them. There are so many opportunities to help others, we just have to pray for availability and wisdom to be a blessing to others. It is truly rewarding, and its not always monetary, because an encouraging word can change someone elses day, even strengthen faith in someone lost. I feel that we as people on Earth are so powerful and can change so many things if we try not to conform to things of the world, but be transformed by the word. As you go out on your days keep in mind that if it was not for God’s grace and mercy we would be tore up and broken. I am so humbled and in awe how HE can turn what many might see as a sinning tragedy into a testimony, a dark ugly past into a masterpiece. So before you use your tongue to talk down on someone because they sin differently than you, remember who the JUDGE is and who brought you out of your mess.

I hope you all have a great week

Remember to Keep Him on Your Mind and Guard Your Tongue