Watch “Oprah’s Tearful Speech at Power of Women” on YouTube

This morning I woke up browsing my youtube suggested videos. Rather than listening to a song, it suggested one of my favorite role models, Oprah. Hearing her speak gave me my morning boost. Though it was 20 minutes long, it was right on time. She spoke about her best Christmas, and how that motivated her to go share Christmas in South Africa. Her words were so moving and true, because it is easy to live life for ourselves, and wrapped up in what we are doing, but what are we doing for others? Our personality and gifts were meant to be shared. “Your legacy is every life you touch”. The question I challenge you for this week is who’s life will you touch?





Whenever you have a skill, talent, or profession you are in there will always be somebody else doing the same thing or similar. The best way to stay above is to not get distracted. Distraction causes you to stop focusing on your platform and growing your ideas, because you are too worried about somebody else’s journey you ultimately get off track. The best way to improve any facet of your life is to focus on your race. Do not stop improving and working on perfecting yourself, delay comes when you stop to look at others. Limit the comparisons, because your race is different. Enjoy your week readers and stay focused on your dreams.


Creating Value

This post was inspired by an episode I was watching of Oprah’s show that was aired decades ago. Oprah said it best that we forgot we are a representation of God on earth, that is our purpose. When you value yourself you won’t get jealous so easily or cause hurt without thought. We are sons and daughters of a king and come from a higher power. We have forgotten where we came from. When you feel low and lost like you have no purpose in life remember you were created by a perfect God and though you may not look perfect in the eyes of man you are made perfect in God’s. It becomes easier to love everyone around us when we view them as being sent from God as ourselves are. We want to love but we put power in money, we lose sight of how to love, by loving things and not people.
This week take value in yourself and others around you, love more
What are the parts of yourself you want to give up?
Are there parts in your heart that have racism, or hate towards others ask God to remove it
Ask God to make you an instrument of peace
Complain less, and bless more
If you are around negative people look internally, because it is about something within, that you have done to draw that near you! We know that Oprah is very successful, but hearing how she prays for usefulness and forgiveness of others has manifested back on her. Yes she is rich but saying a prayer does not cost a cent.
Pray for our country and those around you, and pray for God to use you daily.
Be faithful and diligent, you already in a position for a blessing you just have to claim it and allow your heart to be opened to receive it.
Peace and Love