I don’t think Martin Luther King Day is just a holiday for “black” people. He believed and fought for greater reasons than one race. Its about ceasing the separation and judgment of people based upon color or religion…….  If you are still stereotyping today then get out and learn about a new culture. There is bad in every culture but there is good too. Love and learn about people different from you. It may change your perspective on life. #mlk
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Its all about peace
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The best things in life can’t be purchased. You can’t buy peace or happiness. Today I enjoyed sitting back, relaxing, pondering on life. All of the splendor around us, admiring the beauty of nature. I enjoy listening to the leaves blow, the sun shines down, while the light softly hits my face, I am amazed by creation. The busyness of life keeps you from appreciating and soaking in moments that a camera can’t still. Today, take time to pause and appreciate the goodness around you.

Peace & Love 


Prideful Desires

“I” Problems

by Joyce Meyer – posted February 18, 2015

Now Miriam and Aaron talked against Moses [their brother] because of his Cushite wife, for he had married a Cushite woman. And they said, Has the Lord indeed spoken only by Moses? Has he not spoken also by us?
– Numbers 12:1-2

Moses’ sister, Miriam, and his brother, Aaron, complained to God about the Ethiopian woman their brother had married during his forty years of exile. But that was not the real issue. The real problem was revealed when they asked, “Has the Lord indeed spoken only by Moses? Has he not spoken also by us?”

That’s the big “I” problem, also known as the issue of pride. That’s one way Satan gets into our lives, divides us, confuses us, and causes us to fight among ourselves.

In the incident cited above, the issue wasn’t whether God spoke through them or only through Moses. It was their way of calling attention to themselves and yearning for recognition. But their plan backfired on them. If you read the entire account, you will find that God punished Miriam with leprosy and she had to stay outside the camp for a week.

There’s another interesting note: She held them back from moving forward. So Miriam was shut up without the camp for seven days, and the people did not journey on until Miriam was brought in again (v. 15).

What we need to recognize about pride-one of Satan’s most powerful tools-is that while it may actually attack only one or two of us, it affects everyone. When someone stands up and says, “I am special,” the unspoken message is: “But you…you’re not special like me.” That’s when jealousies and anger erupt, and the devil is the only one who is happy.

Here’s another example. A few months ago, I saw a brief review of a college football game on the evening news. The running back stood just over the goal line, jumping up and down and screaming, “I’m the best! I’m the best!”

I’m sure he was excited because he had won the game. Or had he? What he didn’t seem to grasp was that he had only carried the ball over the line, scoring the winning points. His teammates, however, had thrown him the ball and blocked other players from tackling him. His statement would have been more accurate had he said, “We’re the best!”

This illustrates a dangerous attitude. Much of the time, we are only too eager to take all the credit. Too many people act as if they are solely responsible for their gifts and abilities (see 1 Corinthians 4:7). What they (and all of us) need to realize and focus on is that God alone gives us all of the talents, abilities, and gifts that we need to succeed in life. He is the giver we are just the recipients.

Whenever we excel in any area, it is because God has equipped us with the necessary abilities. God expects us to utilize our gifts and become better at the things we do, but we must never forget that He is the one who gives the talent. If we’re high-minded or think more highly of ourselves than we should, we tend to look down on others. This is the sin of pride, and no one appreciates it. We all back away from proud people because they not only elevate themselves, but they arouse negative feelings in the rest of us, especially if we have any issues of insecurity or inferiority.

To win over the big “I” problem, we must remind ourselves of this simple fact: Everything we are and everything we have comes as a gift from God. If we stay focused on that fact, pride will find no place in our hearts.

Patient and loving God, forgive me when I’ve taken credit for my talents and my abilities. Help me now and every day to thank You for the gifts and abilities that You have so generously placed in me. I ask this in the name of my Savior, Jesus. Amen.

From the book Battlefield of the Mind Devotional by Joyce Meyer. Copyright © 2006 by Joyce Meyer. Published by FaithWords. All rights reserved.


Don’t allow outside circumstances keep you from being happy. Stay in peace. Your best days are just ahead of you. Do not worry, rest your mind, overthinking drains energy and rips your creativity. In the midst of the busyness and stress of life know that no weapon formed will prosper, stay still. God will give you wisdom and strength and meets us when we are in peace. The eye of the storm is peaceful, in life you may be wondering why everything is out of control, challenges, adversities, when you enter that place of rest, times when you should be upset you will be calm. It will be peace that passes all understanding. Why worry about your dreams not coming to pass already or a delay in promotion??? Promotion does not come from man but God. Peace is not the absence of trouble, it is not allowing outside influences to affect the inside because God is there regardless to the wind and current of the storm. This week I know a million thoughts may come thru your mind, remain calm and trust God’s plan, he will give you peace.


Anytime calamity comes we are quick to get angry and try to fight. I propose instead of letting hate control your actions, allow love and peace to come in. Have faith, God uses situations to allow for you to trust that the battle is not yours to fight, the negative news going on around the world is not by chance, it’s a reason. We have to come together and see the bigger picture. What someone looks like as far as race does not mean one is better than someone else, it is very low to ridicule and act superior. We were all wonderfully and fearfully made, to love, not harm, to understand, not extinguish. If you are provoked, what change will that cause to react violently. Respect, forgive, and pray for others.



Chemical Reaction


This is a powerful quote, because a lot of times we use it as a reason to be upset, because of things going on around us, that if that wouldn’t have happened I wouldn’t have….. As well as So and so ate that slice of cake I was planning on eating, he/she cut me off on the hwy, etc., you know what upsets you, and can cause you to have a very impolite reaction. Yet remember People will say things, and do things, but you have to learn how to control your attitude, because anger, fighting, cursing, does not serve God by any means. You can not control their actions, but you have full control over yours, make sure you Think before you react.

Through out this week ask God to keep you in perfect peace so that you can hear him. It is when we are upset, and flaring up that we forget to be patient and allow God to work through us. Being calm in stressful situations takes prayer for strength, but with meditation and spiritual maturity,  it can all be done. I know it gets hard, especially when someone is being very spiteful, let God deal with them.

God’s will won’t take you where God’s grace won’t follow you

Stay Strong

Keep Calm God is With You