In training

You can do it, if YOU think you can do it! The choices you make come from the thoughts your mind creates. Wow if we only knew we were in control of our destiny. Granted…things are going to happen, sometimes good, but what about the negative dark times?? Train your mind to see the good […]

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Conform or To Not Conform?

Are you being conformed by the world…… meaning are you easily influenced by the trends? Kylie lip challenge has everyone wanting pouter lips, whatever happened to people just being happy with the way they looked? The view of what beauty is has being commercialized by celebs who use fame to draw attention to fads. Does […]

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Creating Value

This post was inspired by an episode I was watching of Oprah’s show that was aired decades ago. Oprah said it best that we forgot we are a representation of God on earth, that is our purpose. When you value yourself you won’t get jealous so easily or cause hurt without thought. We are sons […]

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Perfect for Someone

‘There is somebody that is going to find something wrong with you, but that something wrong that they find is nothing but the something right for the person that is for you. You might be too out going or too shy for someone but you have the perfect personality for somebody that has the heart […]

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