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You can do it, if YOU think you can do it! The choices you make come from the thoughts your mind creates. Wow if we only knew we were in control of our destiny. Granted…things are going to happen, sometimes good, but what about the negative dark times??
Train your mind to see the good in everything no matter what.
Life gets better when you don’t wait for the perfect situation, but you decide to make every situation perfect.



Conform or To Not Conform?

Are you being conformed by the world…… meaning are you easily influenced by the trends?

Kylie lip challenge has everyone wanting pouter lips, whatever happened to people just being happy with the way they looked?

The view of what beauty is has being commercialized by celebs who use fame to draw attention to fads. Does that really scream beauty? Getting surgery to make your nose smaller, lips bigger, really worth it? Do you feel better after it or is it more of an internal issue?

God made everyone to perfection. We are all perfect in his image, and created for a specific purpose. You being dark, or lighter toned skin, big ears, wide frame, or small feet, does not mean you were made wrong. Trying to fix or correct a master piece is like buying a brand new car off of the lot, and deciding to hit a pole, because you didn’t like how the front frame looked.

I wish we lived in a world where we wanted to imitate ones great milestones of achieving academic prestige, creating inventions, and cures, and being role models for change, rather then wanting to copy a hairstyle or a wardrobe.

We have gotten so shallow and caught in looks, we don’t even have time to appreciate how immaculate of a creation we really are. Take time to realize your beauty, and don’t get intimidated by the world’s view of beauty, and what photoshop can do to your figure, lets love ourselves now!

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Creating Value

This post was inspired by an episode I was watching of Oprah’s show that was aired decades ago. Oprah said it best that we forgot we are a representation of God on earth, that is our purpose. When you value yourself you won’t get jealous so easily or cause hurt without thought. We are sons and daughters of a king and come from a higher power. We have forgotten where we came from. When you feel low and lost like you have no purpose in life remember you were created by a perfect God and though you may not look perfect in the eyes of man you are made perfect in God’s. It becomes easier to love everyone around us when we view them as being sent from God as ourselves are. We want to love but we put power in money, we lose sight of how to love, by loving things and not people.
This week take value in yourself and others around you, love more
What are the parts of yourself you want to give up?
Are there parts in your heart that have racism, or hate towards others ask God to remove it
Ask God to make you an instrument of peace
Complain less, and bless more
If you are around negative people look internally, because it is about something within, that you have done to draw that near you! We know that Oprah is very successful, but hearing how she prays for usefulness and forgiveness of others has manifested back on her. Yes she is rich but saying a prayer does not cost a cent.
Pray for our country and those around you, and pray for God to use you daily.
Be faithful and diligent, you already in a position for a blessing you just have to claim it and allow your heart to be opened to receive it.
Peace and Love

Perfect for Someone

‘There is somebody that is going to find something wrong with you, but that something wrong that they find is nothing but the something right for the person that is for you. You might be too out going or too shy for someone but you have the perfect personality for somebody that has the heart searching to love you. You might be too big or too small, too white, too black but you are the perfect size/color for the heart that is meant to love you.

There is always something not right for the person that is not right for you.

Find someone who accepts you for you!

Never let those differences in taste that people have make you insecure.

Your beautiful because God says so and that’s all the confirmation you need!

& Your flaws are perfect for the person that is meant to love you’

Love yourself!

Peace & Love Sadie

-This post was inspired by Trent Shelton video You’re Perfect

“He’s calling me to go deeper”

This post was inspired by the song Deeper- By Marvin Sapp. When I listen to this song, and actually meditate on the lyrics it makes me think about those times when we really want to throw the towel in and quit. It is easy to give up when we feel so much pressure, and allow doubt to come in our minds. Yet the best way to look at a difficult situation is to have Faith beyond what we see.  All of the tests and trials that we go through in life are making us stronger. It is comforting to know that God is bigger than what we are going through. It takes patience to realize that when you feel defeated, you will never win and come out on top if you do not try. It’s like we do not feel that we can do what God is calling us to do because we are afraid of making a mistake. We are not perfect but we can try.  Do not let your fear of not being perfect or good enough to do something outweigh your faith in God.

With God all things are possible. As long as we try, God sincerely knows our heart so whatever we may think we lack in knowledge, talent, abilities, etc. God has us covered. It gets hard when we only limit our selves to what we are capable of doing when we are looking with our own natural eyes, instead of spiritually seeing all of the things God is able to do if we allow him to use us.  Yes you can allow sin, worry about finances, disappointment, and other distractions to take over or you can allow God to take over.

Do not be afraid when God wants to use you, accept his calling to go deeper whether it is him calling you to be a Pastor/Evangelist, mentor, or if he is calling you to new heights in your career or spiritual life…..

Go Deeper!

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

-Jeremiah 29:11 NIV