How you can get a win in 2017?Ā 

If you want to be a winner sign up here ————-šŸ”½ And answer this question….. How do you become a winner??Ā  Well most winners I notice are great at something. In order to be great you have to have a natural nack, be consistent, practice, and never quit. Just think if Serena Williams gave up […]

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Sadie Daily: Morning Dose

You are great, and capable of achieving greatness. Do not let anyone tell you differently. Focus on the positives, or get run over by negatives. Don’t lose your energy to spread positive vibes this week. Peace & Love #365daysofinspiration  #sadiedaily

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Highlight Reel

We all have met that person and probably have been that person,where someone asks, “Hey how are you,”….them “I am having a terrible day everything is going wrong, this is going bad,etc.” We all have problemsĀ  Just because someone chooses not to tell every problem and announce every low does not mean they do not […]

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Here’s a challenge

If there is no struggle there is no progress. Every test you are faced with gives you a choice to decide. Each trial can either increase your faith, or wither it. The challenges you are up against do the following: It separates the losers from the winners, the grinders from the complainers, and the fighters […]

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No Room for Negativity

Sometimes it is necessary to distance yourself from people/activity that keeps you from living a positive lifestyle. Being around negative people, makes you negative if you hang with them long enough. It may seem like you are being funny acting, but you are too worthy to waste time on matters that will not build you […]

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Good days, bad days, yep everybody experiences a fair share of those. Yet I know the reason why we have those days that allow us to feel bummed. I feel that we are only as happy as we allow ourselves to be. We can be holding ourselves back from the happiness we deserve when we […]

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