I got the POWER

 got  POWER?


We have the power to create change, to influence, and to catapult a revolution. Do not underestimate your talents. Your gifts are too big to limit yourself. We need more elevation and less hater-ation in this place!

We are all unique and created to leave an imprint. What will your mark be?

 We are powerful beyond measure. Do not sleep on the influence you have on others.



Highlight Reel

We all have met that person and probably have been that person,where someone asks, “Hey how are you,”….them “I am having a terrible day everything is going wrong, this is going bad,etc.”

We all have problems 

Just because someone chooses not to tell every problem and announce every low does not mean they do not have dark moments. Being jealous or envious is a bad trait to have especially if you are looking on the outside of someone else’s life. Yes you see them as successful, they have the car you want, relationship you desire, job you wish you had, house you dreamed of, etc. What you do not see is the work and prayer it took that person to get all of those things. Do not complain and be lazy, there is someone out there who is up late working, busting there butt off to have everything. Choosing to praise and show your blessings is not being a show off, it is to inspire others. Your season is coming, but having a bad attitude about life is not going to bring any change. We have to learn how to change our view/perspective on life in order for outer things to change. Know that you are created and deserve great things, what are you doing now to set your self up for that blessing you prayed for????

Our words have power. Be careful what your thoughts are because you may say them. When you say things you are affirming that you believe it. What is it that you highlight most? Do you highlight your problems, or do you promote the good in your life? By proclaiming good things, you make the issues going on dead.

You have a choice to ignite positiveness around you, or bring power to negativity. If you are like me when people only have bad things to say it makes you not want to be around them. Negativity can rub off on you and the next thing you know you are that very person.

This week, change your thinking, and be mindful of not only the things you tell others, but watch out for what you tell yourself. Do you call yourself smart, or do you put your self down after every decision?

Have confidence and go with good faith forward!


-Sadie Daily

Take Care

Are you confident with the skin you’re in? Do you often find yourself comparing how you look to others??… seeing how you measure up only to be let down. Think of this quote “Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else”.  That person has what you want, but you don’t know what it took for them to get where they are.  I know that seeing someone who is confident, smiling, radiant, and fit is motivation, but we should never try to be them. They are confident because they are comfortable with the skin they are in, they care about what they do with their body so they are not eating unhealthy or partaking in harmful drugs. When you truly care about yourself, you work on all aspects of your life. It all starts with the physical. When you work out, ever notice how much better you feel after. I feel that when you are mentally healthy, you will be emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy. If you have low self-esteem you are not going to want to eat healthy and workout. Your self-esteem not only effects the types of activities you engage in but also who you date. Someone with low self-esteem, does not have very high standards when it comes to dating. Self-esteem define by many is how you feel about yourself. We may use different types of mask to hide our true feelings, but only our deep inner thoughts really know.You do not have to be stuck up or cocky to have high self-esteem.I feel that once we learn about ourselves and figure out what we are good at, we will intently gain confidence.We are so special, that God did not make any two people the exact same, not even twins.I feel that your self worth is beyond comparison to others. Just think about it in a perspective of how wonderfully, and uniquely created we are.

I rather be disliked for being myself than liked for being someone else. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Yet it is beneficial when we are able to hone our strengths and not dwell on negatives by always trying to fit in. No matter how hard you try to fit in you will never be happy because you are always being something your not.One who dresses to show skin, ultimately to receive attention or acceptance, often appear to have low self-esteem. People will not respect you because you are looking for the wrong kind of attention. By being yourself, people have no choice but to respect you. It’s seems like our generation all want to be like everybody instead of being themselves (unique). It’s like so and so wears heels everyday I have to wear heels everyday. Do not try to catch up with trends because they will fade, it is better to just be comfortable and try setting your own trend.

Sometimes we cover up having high self-esteem by always critizing others instead of building them up. Ever know someone no matter what will always have something negative to say. They feel better about themselves when they find flaws in others so that they can fill some sort of void where they lack. Do not become bitter and continue in the cycle of trying to break down others, but help in building others up. You don’t have to boost an ego, but geniunly giving someone a compliment might just make their whole day better. Try it : ). Also don’t forget that before you can make others smile you have to learn how to take care of you first!. Positive affirmations to yourself will help give you the encourage to face the world and bring joy to others. Wake up every morning with a desire to love yourself, be the best you, and not to be ashamed of who you are. You are a gift to the world!

This week Smile and Encourage Someone

There is Power in the Smile : )

You never know what someone is going through or has been through and your one smile may mean the world to them

Peace Sadie