Anytime calamity comes we are quick to get angry and try to fight. I propose instead of letting hate control your actions, allow love and peace to come in. Have faith, God uses situations to allow for you to trust that the battle is not yours to fight, the negative news going on around the […]

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Power of Prayer

 Sometimes we resort to prayer after everything has gone wrong, we say I am just going to pray now and let God deal with it. Prayer is our strongest tool that we have, do not wait until a storm comes, but as soon as you wake up! There is power in prayer, before you get […]

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Started from the bottom….

I am greatly appreciative of the opportunity I have had to attend Mississippi State University. I can not express enough how much of a blessing it has been to be here for almost 4 years. I have learned so much, and gained far more than I expected to coming in. It is not enough to […]

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Talk to Me

As we increase our spiritual walk we find that its harder to talk to people about our cares of the world and problems, and easier to talk to God, because he understands and truly cares about what we are going through. He is the best kind of friend you can have, because you don’t have […]

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