Don’t drop the ball😣😣

Vollyball is such a fun team sport. Each person has a place to guard/stand just like in life. If you are not in your spot, you….. drop the ball. This week while you are at work or at home think about “your” team.  Playing your part rather small or big still helps with the overall […]

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Lunchtime Chronicles

Today I learned a little bit about something I was battling against. Passion vs Paycheck, which do you chase??? It took some wise words from an old pal Billy during lunchtime I met. I told him I would blog about it :). Well, here’s what we discussed. Billy told me about the morons and the […]

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Dare to be Different

Ever felt like you were at a disadvantage simply because you weren’t as tall didn’t have the right skin complexion or exact weight for a task. You should wake up every morning with your head high because no matter what nationality you are, weight, height, income, or anything that you feel is holding you back, […]

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This picture depicts a great example about how things seem to be now a days. It is always best to stray away from the crowd and stand up for what is right or what you believe is right. Just because more people around you think one way does not mean it is true or that […]

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