Good days, bad days, yep everybody experiences a fair share of those. Yet I know the reason why we have those days that allow us to feel bummed. I feel that we are only as happy as we allow ourselves to be. We can be holding ourselves back from the happiness we deserve when we allow little distractions to keep us from the major blessings coming our way. It is easy to make something so little (negative) into something bigger, which consumes our life making it difficult to remain positive. Take each day as a valuable reminder that you have the opportunity to decide what you are going to use as a motivator, like the tiny things that have not gone your way, or the right things that are going on around you (stay focus on the BIG picture). The more positive you are the more positive things will continue to happen.

Stay positive even when situations happen that are beyond your control. Tomorrow is filled with limitless possibilities of great things to come, and indicators of big doors being opened for you. A way to stay focus, would be to look around, and appreciate the tiny simple things in life that may get overlooked, with the hustle and bustle of work/school. You may have found out you won’t graduate this year, but the positive thing is is that you will still graduate and you have the opportunity to gratify that as a motivator to push on. Another example would be feeling down about not getting into your dream school, getting that dream job offer, or making the dean’s list, remember to not give up when things occur to make you doubt yourself and lose your motivation. Being negative does not make your situation better or change the outcome, being positive can make the unbearable easier to overcome. 


Continue to Push Even when things get hard

P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens)


Stay Positive #sadiedaily 


Right to Choose

In life we are given choces, sometimes we are nieve and believe everything that we hear. Sometimes we learn to trust in our own intiution to make sound decisions. Depending on a person’s faith we allow God to have the final decision and put it all his hands (without worry). Nonetheless as we get older we are wiser and through experience make better decisions (sometimes things don’t always work out how we plan but we make decisions based off of what did not work before).
Some people are happy because they make their own decisions, while others sit back and let things happen to them. Everybody has their own life to make decisions. Just because people give their opinions they do not always have your best interest at heart. It is hard to realize people that you think really want you to be happy will do anything for you to be down (take what you have), that will make them feel better about their own situation, so be careful. In the end you can ony blame yourself for whatever decision because it is the one thing you have the right, and that is the power to choose.
You are given a choice remember nobody will do to you or take more than you allow. Do not say so and so took advantage of me or that person walked over me because you have a choice of who you allow to walk in your life and who you allow to walk out. Sometimes they will make the clear choice for you, other times you have to let time run its course in order for you to realize things for what they are. Yes making choices gets harder than elementary school, when our hardest decisions was picking crayon colors. Now the decisions we make can create or ruin a future. Do not be in a position where you allow a person to have that much control over you where it determines your mood. Give whichever trial you are facing to God because he has a way of working things in your favor. I saw somewhere that you get whatever you put up with. I have decided instead of trying to fight my battles standing up the best place is on my knees and giving it to God because he cares. I feel that we are given choices but God gives us reassurance. I don’t think that things just happen. Just think there is a reason why good and evil exist. We have the right to choose whether we follow Jesus, or otherwise. Make sure whichevery you decide that you are comfortable living with that decision.

God Loves You and Sadie Does Too

Happy Holdiays!!

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What’s Going Right

When we find ourselves complaining about all that is going wrong, we are never taking time to be thankful for what is going right. For instance when you are feeling low/unloved because of a heartACHE don’t forget to smile because God loves you, and  you still have a heartBEAT.

Be Thankful


As Always