Good days, bad days, yep everybody experiences a fair share of those. Yet I know the reason why we have those days that allow us to feel bummed. I feel that we are only as happy as we allow ourselves to be. We can be holding ourselves back from the happiness we deserve when we […]

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Right to Choose

In life we are given choces, sometimes we are nieve and believe everything that we hear. Sometimes we learn to trust in our own intiution to make sound decisions. Depending on a person’s faith we allow God to have the final decision and put it all his hands (without worry). Nonetheless as we get older we are wiser and […]

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What’s Going Right

When we find ourselves complaining about all that is going wrong, we are never taking time to be thankful for what is going right. For instance when you are feeling low/unloved because of a heartACHE don’t forget to smile because God loves you, and  you still have a heartBEAT. Be Thankful PEACE AND LOVE As […]

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