I use funnels everyday & you should too!

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I am a digital marketing consultant, and I help companies with developing creative marketing strategies, plans, and solutions to grow their businesses. I had the chance to talk to upcoming business owners recently about creating funnels at an awesome workshop presented by Boss Up Academy, and I will share a snippet with you all.


When I am not contracted out to share some of my know how/services in person or online, I am always researching #tech #trends to plug into or creating my own.

Today is special for #sadiedaily since I will be sharing some tips from my industry that has pushed my clients to get on another level. My partners at i3 Mega Marketing Group have helped me in getting some of this content together so feel free to check them out here —> i3 for more #info.


Let’s start with the inbound marketing approach to creating funnels. What is a funnel? 

A funnel is simply a process a visitor goes through when they first see your content online. This content may be a social media post, or blog. After they are led into seeing your products/services, they request more information, depending on their buyer’s level of interest they will reach out to become a customer/partner.

It is very key to have a funnel to track your success rates, and know where bottle necks are to improve your business outlook in the future.


After you attract people, having a great landing page, or website will lead to a conversion. Conversions equal sales, or contact information to build whatever campaign you are running. Again, everyone’s purpose for a funnel is different, just make sure you have one ; )….or contact #i3 @ info@i3megamarketinggroup.com.


Being active in your business is important. If it takes you days to respond to messages or calls, chances are you won’t have many customers. Nurture your interested leads by pouring into them. When people get ignored, just like in most relationships, they ultimately come to ruin, and end, because someone else is more attentive.

Don’t get dumped : ). —- Automate, Automate, Automate 


Always over deliver and under promise.




And because you must be really interested in knowing more tips, here is the mini-ebook my team at #i3 have put together for me to share, check it out here —>Create Funnels Now!


A Smile Can Light Up The World


Embrace what makes you beautiful….your uniqueness.

Your dimples+*, your differences, that one thing that sets you apart from everyone else, and makes other people go hmmmm.

#lightup the #world with your #spirit 


This week was inspired by super model Winnie Harlow. She looks gorgeous embracing her natural skin and that is what makes her sooooo beautiful!


#wakecreateINSPIRE others to show off your uniqueness!




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Mercedes Allen

Digital Marketing Consultant

Wake.Create.Inspire. Repeat



I get inspired while traveling. Seeing art in everything around me ignites this creative force within me. During my latest trip to the west coast, I got a lot of spark for my Wake Create Inspire initiative. #sadiedaily Here is a few of the pictures I captured of one of my favorite cities to visit.

Lots of culture, lots of adventure…… :  )


What inspires you to create??

How you can get a win in 2017? 

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And answer this question…..

How do you become a winner?? 

Well most winners I notice are great at something. In order to be great you have to have a natural nack, be consistent, practice, and never quit.

Just think if Serena Williams gave up playing tennis in high school…..she definitely wouldn’t hold so many winning titles.

Do you want to win in life? Dont give up when it gets rough, hang in there, and perfect your craft.

Everyday decide to prepare to win.

Take an L, but never lose focus. The winning trait is to keep going.

2017= The year of winning
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Your words have power, and Results come from what you BELIEVE


If you believe you can do something, you have already overcome the hardest obstacle.png

I am sure you have heard about “Law of Attraction”.

I credit a lot of my confidence and motivation to succeed, in truly, believing I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to.

Mistakes are going to happen, sometimes failure is inevitable. Yet all of those issues, make you wiser.

The hardest obstacle to get over is your own doubt. If you think you can do it, your actions will follow.

When your vocabulary is filled with no, not yet, I am not ready, I can not do this, I do not have the skills, you have already held your self back yards from a touchdown.


This week watch the words you speak over your life.

Stay motivated and affirm daily You can do it!

I believe I can help someone to get to the next step in life, by me going after my dreams and succeeding.

“Don’t believe me just watch”- Bruno Mars


What is your Social Media Role??

​You are more than 125 characters.

Don’t limit your greatness

-Who said you can’t be who you are online, offline???

The world needs to see who you are! We all possess gifts that need to shared. Fearing others will steal your ideas and copy your work is a great way to limit your reach.

 Many are called but few accept the calling

 It is easy to hide behind a phone, but are you really living a fulfilled life, or just socially pretending???

This week check your digital footprint and recognize your role. Are you here to watch others complain or ready to change the online climate by storm??

Be a game changer, but more importantly be yourself in the world of ####hashtags 

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DUI::::Dreaming under the Influence


If you find yourself in a negative environment, instead of giving in….keep pushing towards your goals. Inspire those who look down on your dreams, by dreaming bigger, you encourage them to do the same.
This week influence someone to climb higher and dream bigger!

Sadie Daily

Don’t give up on your dreams ever…….