Comfortable blessings

It happens so often, we pray for jobs and relationships, promotions, but once we receive those blessings, it becomes common, we lose our gratefulness because it tends to be routine. That extra bonus received is not enough, that new job is too complicated, that relationship is too much work, but we were just excited and […]

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Know your O

It is crazy how the  people who are in your circle may smile and pretend to support you but in reality they are the main ones bringing you down. Yes, they say they are happy for you but they do not want to see you doing better than they are. In the words of Trent […]

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It’s a common cliché where there’s a will there’s a way.  Reminds me of something that Trent Shelton (motivational speaker) said in his last video about commitment, and its something that we see on a day-to-day basis like for example, when we want to do something, we find a way to do it, and if […]

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