“Friends”, & How many do I need?

Elevation requires separation…….from the wrong people- Sadie Daily

I was listening to a radio show the other week, and the conversation on the “friendship” subject stuck out to me.

The host stated that we are one friend a way from changing our destiny

Hmmmm, so I got to thinking about how people pour value into our lives. Some people can pour positive energy, while other people can drain the life out of you!

Here are 2 types of friendships you need in your life:

  1. A friend that helps you find strength in God. #Spiritual strength is what will keep you pushing even through the dark times. We are humans, and it is hard to fix our “problems”, yet with strength from God, there is no battle you can’t win!
  2. The friend that always tells you the truth. There is a difference between a friend putting you down because of jealousy or fear, and a friend that gives constructive, honest, unbiased criticism to make you better. Find someone who will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear.

All of these friendships traced back to biblical times. The days we are living in, make it so easy to accept friends online. While it is nice to grow your network, it is always good to strive for deeper than the surface level relationships.


Hopefully you have the two types of friends I mentioned in your circle. If you don’t, just keep living and know that you are 1 friend a way from changing your life!


Sadie Daily #notestogo below:

  • People are meant to leave and be in your life at the right time
  • Do not force relationships, especially toxic ones
  • Change your circle……quality over quantity ❤

We need people so go connect!





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I have made mistakes, I have loved, lost, and have been lied on. I have been betrayed, turned cheeks and also been too stubborn to push my own pride aside. I know what’s coming is better than what’s been. Be inspired, in life things are going to fall apart so that better things can come together. Most importantly know in life’s obstacles that they aren’t to break you, but make you stronger, don’t lose faith, only trust HIM. I have learned, and that is what will keep you going.